The Oriental Monkey menu



In our Asian restaurant menu you will find dishes that will satisfy the most demanding palates. If you like Japanese cuisine, you can enjoy our selection of sushi, nigiri and uramakis. You can also get to know our ‘fusion food’ suggestions, Oriental food with a personal twist.


Tartar of snow crab
With kimchi mayonnaise, avocado and its cause.
20,00 €

Cod in Kataifi pastry
With sisho sauce and hijiki seaweed.
18,00 €

Sous-vide cooked white fish
With misho-risotto.
18,00 €

Sushi mix
Nigiris & uramakis.
25,00 €

Tataki beef sirloin
Marinated in teriyaki served with fresh jalapeño sauce.
15,00 €

Prawn Furai
With satay sauce.
17,50 €

Prime steak seared
With sesame oil, sauce vide cooked eggs and shimeji mushrooms.
18,00 €

Beef sirloin
With celery purée and teriyaki sauce and black pepper.
21,00 €




WOW! Tasting Menu

If you are willing to try a gastronomic tour around the world, you have to try the WOW! Experience. We call this an ‘experience’ because, while you enjoy your tasting menu made up of 10 dishes, stunning videos and images are projected on your table. Let Us Wow You!! (**the menu can vary according to the season)


Ceviche (marinated fish), causa limeña, mussels with Chalaca

Our selection of Nigiri

Tom Yam Soup

Alaska crab

Tuna tataki with couscous & smoked aubergine

Min pao filled with duck, mushroom & foie gras

Pork Cheek, teriyaki, truffle sauce

Volcanic stratum (dessert)





Dessert time is as important as the rest at The Oriental Monkey. Treat yourself!


1. Dolce Vita
Strawberries and cream, fried galanis, icing sugar, balsamic cream reduction and green pepper spice.
6,00 €

Thai con Fusion
White chocolate mousse, Java pepper biscuit, banana, passion fruit and coconut milk.
6,50 €

Monkey Cheesecake
Homemade cookies, cream cheese & berries.
6,00 €

Triple Brownie
Walnut brownie, chocolate mousse, milk chocolate topping and toffee ice-cream.
7,00 €

Ginger Ice Cream
Served with mango cream, grated coconut and candied dried raspberry.
5,50 €

Fresh Fruit salad
seasonal fruit salad accompanied by raspberry jelly, pineapple granita and orange juice.
6,00 €

The original apple pie created in France with Granny smith aple on a pastry base and vanilla ice-cream.
7,00 €

Dessert Cocktail
Try one of our dessert cocktails.
8,00 €




Wine cellar

The Oriental Monkey wine cellar won the award for the Best Wine Cellar in the Canary Island in 2013. It features a large and select range of wines chosen by our sommelier that will combine perfectly with any of the dishes from our restaurant menu.



Viñático Semi Seco
DO Ycoden Daute Isora


Viñátigo Rosado
DO Ycoden Daute Isora

Vega Sicilia Único

Vega Sicilia Único
DO Ribera del Duero


Trevejos Brut
DO Abona




La Planta
DO Ribera del Duero


Jean Leon
DO Navarra


Finca San Martín
DOCa Rioja





Both for starters and for cocktails, our extensive cocktail menu at The Oriental Monkey will meet your expectations.


Ron Blanco, Malibu Coco, Malibu Piña y Passoa, mango, Plátano y Hielo Picado.
7,00 €

Black Caipirovska
Limas machacadas con Azúcar moreno y Vodka Negro.
6,00 €

Frozen Daikiri fresa
Ron, Fruta Fresca, Licor de Frutas y Hielo Picado.
7,00 €

Bourbon y Vermouth agitado con un toque de Angostura, servido Seco, Dulce ó Perfecto.
6,00 €

Oreo & Dreams
Baileys, Licor de Menta, Helado de Vainilla, Hielo Picado y galletas Oreo.
7,00 €

Green breeze
Ron, Licor de Melón, Puré de Fruta de la Passion y Zumo de Piña, terminado con Curaçao Azul.
6,00 €

Purple Rain
Vodka, Ginebra, Ron, Archers y Blue Curaçao agitado con Zumo de Limón y Sirope. Finalizado con Sprite y Granadina.
6,50 €

Classic Mojito
Ron Blanco, Azúcar Moreno, Zumo de Lima, Hierba Buena, con un toque de Soda.
6,00 €





We offer a full range of ‘Experiences’, a wide variety of options for you to enjoy your favourite drink with the best mix suggested by our bartenders. Discover our Rum Experience, GinTonic Experience or Vodka Experience.


Martin Miller W.
Servida con rama de canela y un espiral de corteza de limón.
8,00 €

Magellan Gin
Rallamos nuez moscada y servimos con raíz de regaliz.
9,00 €

Williams Chase
Palitos de manzana verde y flores.
8,00 €

G’Vine Nouaison
Servida con uva, raíz de regaliz y jengibre fresco.
8,00 €

Beefeater 24
Servido con rodaja de pomelo y perejil.
7,00 €

Tanqueray Ten
Servimos con rodaja de pomelo, lima y twist de naranja.
7,00 €

Acompañamos con lichi y flores.
7,00 €

The London Nº 1
Acompañada con el perfume de la canela y el cítrico del limón.
7,00 €