Trendy Japanese restaurant in Tenerife


Our Japanese restaurant in pictures | The Oriental Monkey

fashion japanese restaurant in Costa Adeje

It’s the most stylish restaurant in Tenerife. The moment you enter The Oriental Monkey, you know you’ll have a unique experience and the atmosphere captivates you from the very beginning. Don’t miss our photo gallery, where you will discover a sneak-peek of the tables where videos are projected during the WOW! Experience, as well as some details of this exclusive Asian restaurant.




The Oriental Monkey Cuisine

fashion asian restaurant in costa adeje southern tenerife The Oriental Monkey

In the kitchen of this Japanese restaurant you will find not only typical Japanese dishes, but also ‘fusion food’ from the rest of the world; gastronomic works of art that won’t leave you indifferent.




The Oriental Monkey in Monkey Channel

In case you’re not convinced yet, discover in our Monkey Channel videos why The Oriental Monkey is the most stylish restaurant in Tenerife.